Advance notice for residents visiting Smallmead Recycling Centre on Sunday, 17th March

Please be aware that on Sunday, 17th March the A33 and Island Road will be closed in the morning and early afternoon due to the Reading Half Marathon. Access to the Recycling Centre, Smallmead will therefore be restricted to ensure the safety of runners taking part in the Marathon.

Availability to access our facility is estimated to be at 3pm. To avoid disappointment, we are asking residents to plan ahead and allow extra time when vising Smallmead Recycling Centres this Sunday.

Route & road closures 2019

Recycle your foil trays and win a voucher towards a takeaway of your choice!

Clean aluminium foil trays can now be recycled along with other metal packaging such as clean food and drink cans, tins and empty aerosols.  With this in mind, re3 have teamed up with some local take-away outlets who will be adding the recycling message to the lids of their takeaway meals.


To help us spread this good news, you are invited to take part in the foil recycling promotion on our social media channels @re3recycling. To win one of the takeaway vouchers, you are required to take a photo of your used, clean foil trays being added to your recycling bin or box, using #re3takeaway hashtag! Simple!  Please check more details here.

re3 launches re3cyclopedia app to help residents recycle more and recycle right

re3 marks Recycle Week by launching the free mobile app and search tool called re3cyclopedia. The new tool can help residents recycle more, understand the dos and don'ts of recycling and make recycling quicker and simpler. re3cyclopedia app is free and is available to download now from App Store or Google Play Store. re3cyclopedia has been developed to help residents of Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham Boroughs to recycle as much and as easily as possible, by showing what, how and where to recycle different items. By using new app, residents can search for any household items to find out exactly what can or can’t be recycled at the kerbside or at the recycling centres; what items can be composted at home or find out location of the nearest bottle or textile bank. The app will also allow residents to quickly check date of the next bin collection, help to renew garden waste collection scheme or ease application for a commercial vehicle permit to access re3 recycling centres.

Download the free re3cyclopedia app now via App Store or Google Play Store.

Non-household waste charges – price increase

Please note, that as of 1st of October 2018 non-household waste charges will increase in order to achieve near full cost recovery. The full list of charges for non-household waste can be found in the Waste Acceptance Policy

re3 scoops top design and technology award

re3 partnership was awarded the ‘Best use of design and technology in a waste management facility’ at the prestigious Let’s Recycle’s 2018 Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management gala event, held in London. The panel of judges recognised re3 for its efforts to increase the amount of waste that is reused, recycled and composted, especially noting the recent investment to the Material Recycling Facility (MRF) in Reading, that enhanced its plastic recycling capability.

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You can now recycle plastic pots, tubs, trays, cartons and foil from your home

Plastic pots, tubs, trays, clean foil, foil trays and food or drink cartons are now accepted as part of the kerbside recycling collections across the re3 area and can be recycled at the bring banks at re3 recycling centres.

Please check the FAQ for more information

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Coming to a recycling centre?

You can recycle a wide range of materials at our Smallmead and Longshot Lane Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). We accept glass, metal, paint, batteries, printer cartridges, used engine and cooking oil, asbestos, household items such as furniture, toys, books and CDs, and waste electronic and electrical equipment. Please note you need be a re3 resident to access the recycling centres.

Recycling at home

Most of the waste thrown away can be recycled or composted – much of it at home. Our Materials Recycling Facility processes the plastic bottles, plastic pots, tubs, trays, paper and cardboard, food tins and drinks cans, clean foil, foil trays, cartons and empty aerosols that your council collects from the kerbside. Residents can also sign up for garden waste kerbside collection. Although glass bottles and jars and textiles are not currently collected from the kerbside, residents can use conveniently located bottle and textiles banks across the re3.

Slim your bin

While recycling is a great thing to do, it is even better to reduce the waste you produce in the first place and reuse as much as possible. Check out our top tips for reducing and reusing waste.

About us

re3 is the Partnership between Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham Borough Councils and FCC Environment set up to increase the amount of waste that is reused, recycled and composted across the three boroughs and to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill. The Councils and FCC Environment are working together to provide local residents and business with first-class facilities for recycling and disposing of waste until 2031.

In 2016/17 the re3 partnership managed 192,689 tonnes of contract waste. During the same period the recovery rate was 82.3%.


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