Municipal Services
Municipal Services

Household waste collections

We have a proven track record in municipal waste solutions. More than 60 local authorities currently use our hassle-free household waste collection, recycling and treatment options, and we operate 88 household waste recycling centres to help communities recycle more.

Added Value Services

Every one of our waste collection trucks takes the most efficient route when it's out and about, helping to save fuel, cut out CO2 emmissions and keep our costs as low as possible.

Street Scene

As well as providing household waste collections FCC Environment also perform a number of street scene contracts throughout the UK. These are typically a support service to the main collections contract, but we also operate a number of standalone contracts for street sweeping to arboriculture, grounds maintenance to highways. We offer a cost effective solution as an outsourced provider, delivering a reliable service. Click on the links below to see the full range of services:

Ground & Park Maintenance



Additional Services

Municipal services overview

Our goal is to provide municipal waste services in a way that maximises the resource benefits for your community.

It starts with turning waste into valuable resources through collection, recycling and energy generation, which saves you money.

But our wider commitments to helping you grow the local economy, create vibrant communities and empower citizens is the true spirit of FCC Environments from waste to resource philosophy.

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