Key leaders visit FCC Environment reuse project

18 Mar 2016 08:47

A group of key leaders from across the waste and resource management sector have visited FCC Environment sites in Warwickshire to study reuse stores and their success.

Delegates from a range of organisations including the Environment Agency, local authorities, waste and resource management companies and the third sector visited Judkins reuse store and Lower House Farm Recycling Centre to study how both sites operate.

Answering questions like how the sites operate, the types of goods they sell and technicalities around retail legislation and PAT testing the visit was designed to encouraged other regions to adopt the reuse model.

Steve Bell, from FCC Environment, said: “Our reuse stores have been a tremendous success and are making a real contribution to both local communities and conserving resources.

“We’re delighted to share our experiences and encourage others to follow suit.”

Glenn Fleet, Waste Management Group Manager for Warwickshire County Council, added: “In Warwickshire we’ve embraced reuse as an ideal way to conserve resources and as a great way for residents to pick up a bargain.

“It’s working really well and we’re very happy to share our knowledge and experience.”

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