Joint Comment from ESA and FCC following their ‘Plastic Fantastic’ Bright Blue event at the Conservative Party Conference

02 Oct 2018 09:29
LONDON, 01 October 2018:  Speaking at today’s Bright Blue event at Conservative Party Conference 2018, entitled“Plastic fantastic? Exploring the current debate on plastic waste”, FCC Environment CEO, Paul Taylor, and ESA Executive Director, Jacob Hayler, commented:
“Discussions around how we reduce our reliance on plastic are undoubtedly a step forward, but it also needs to spur a broader discussion, which is about how the UK reduces the amount of waste it produces. From simplifying how we collect our waste, to PRN reform, which will inject funding into recycling and incentivise producers to design their products better – these are things that we can be working on implementing from today. 
“But, our efforts will be hampered unless we tackle two issues in particular: infrastructure and residual waste. Our industry would be ready to invest in the necessary infrastructure to better tackle plastic recycling – if the framework was there to deal with it. And on residual waste, the waste that is left after it has been treated, if we continue to ignore it, we will be headed straight to a crisis.
“Although momentum is growing, at the moment it feels like words. What we need to see now is action from everyone – Government, producers, consumers as well as industry – if we are to drive meaningful change to protect our environment from further damage”. 
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